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Saikei Called Peaceful Gorge
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ISA President - David Penny

David was born in 1969 in the south east of England. He spent his childhood in Crowborough in East Sussex where he still lives with his family. During the late 1970’s David was exposed to the culture and traditional arts of Japan through a number of television programmes. He started to study the culture of Japan and took up Karate until the club closed, eventually moving on to Iaido in later life. He has also studied the Japanese tea ceremony.

In 1979 he was given a Bonsai by his Grandparents and his love of Bonsai was started, he followed a natural path of starting to develop his own trees and in 1986 joined a local Bonsai Society . In 1989 David attended the National Bonsai Convention where he met and spent 2 days with the Japanese Bonsai Master Mitsuo Matsui.

It was at this convention that David first saw and fell in love with Saikei (Japanese Tray Landscapes) in 3 months following the convention he was hooked on Saikei. Since that time he has dedicated time and effort to the study of Saikei and its development using materials available in the UK. In 1995 he formed the British Saikei Association which in 2007 became the International Saikei Association in order to be able to serve the needs of Saikei enthusiasts and professionals around the world. David is now serving as President (Global) and travels both in the UK and around the World Demonstrating and Teaching Saikei and Bonsai to Bonsai Clubs and other interested Societies.

You can contact David by emailing him or calling on the numbers below.

01622 850 127

David Penny Saikei