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Dedicated to the Art of Saikei

About the International Saikei Association

Dedicated to the art of Saikei and those who practice this art the association was originally set up as the British Saikei Association (BSA) in 1996. The BSA became the International Saikei Association ISA in 2007 after interest from Saikei enthusiasts outside the United Kingdom.

Run by a board we have members in a number of countries these countries each have a regional director who feeds local concerns about Saikei to the board.

The association has a education programme to further assist in the understanding of the beautiful art of Saikei.

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What is Saikei

Saikei translated from the Japanese as “planted landscape” and today is the art of combining living trees with soil, rocks, water, and related vegetation (like ground cover) to create a miniature landscape.

Toshio Kawamoto developed the art of Saikei in the late 40’s and took his inspiration from bonsai, suiseki and the Japanese arts in general to provide a framework for this art.

Today Saikei is practiced across the world by people of all ages and abilities.

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You may wish to join the ever increasing number of individuals and groups who recognise the importance of belonging to an association that constantly seeks to further develop the art and suport its members.

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The art of Saikei is simple and affordable to get started in and we would like to support you as you start your journey of discovery. At its simplest all you need to get started is a shallow pot, rock or rocks, soil, a small tree or small trees and imagination. We hope you take up the challenge and you find your Saikei as enchanting as fellow artist in Japan, Europe, Russia, South Africa and the United States of America and other nations as Saikei spreads by storm. Many other artists have and joined us to date to discover the key success factors and styles that will elevate your art to another level of appreciation

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